What scientists know so far and insights about the future

Frontline. Inspired by images of exhausted doctors and nurses. Image created by Kevin Kobsic. Submitted for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives — help stop the spread of COVID-19. https://unsplash.com/photos/N1caHdFQ734

I didn’t come here to talk about what we often hear on the news about the COVID-19 pandemic. It is serious. It is killing millions of people worldwide. We know (at least everyone should).

The media is trying to alarm people. Many scientific papers talk about the severe symptoms COVID-19 may cause on its patients. They often talk about the long-term lung and respiratory effects that are well known.

If that doesn’t scare us enough, this week, I came across many scientific articles with new insights about other long-term effects of these deadly diseases (they are all at the end…

Lessons from a bereaved friend. What can we possibly learn?

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Death and birth encountered.

It was my birthday, and I was woken up by what I thought was a loving call from a friend. It was actually some of the worse and saddest conversations I ever had.

My best friend lost her brother. He was young, full of dreams. On his nightstand was his wedding list. In the bank, savings from years and years that would be used to open his own business. He was the kindest person I know. He had the soul of a child, braveness of a warier, and the knowledge of a senior.

It is sad…

Things you should consider before venturing out overseas

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I know we are living in a pandemic, and many borders are still close. Some of my friends were unable to take that great job abroad because of it. But the restrictions won’t last forever. Once vaccination campaigns accomplish their goals, the world will come back to normal — so we hope.

That is why I say now is the time to prepare to start your post-graduation in another country. As I will write about, it isn’t an easy journey, and the process may take a long time. So shouldn’t we plan and organize everything in advance?

Based on my…

The Struggles of Getting Used to My Homeland Customes

Photo by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash

After 15 months in Canada, it was time to come back to my home country, Brazil.

Everyone advised me that it would be very challenging, I didn’t believe it. All I could think before arriving here was the love of my family and friend, who I missed like crazy.

But the fact is, I am struggling to get used to old habits. Living in a first-world country can change you so much. Everyday things, which you grew up doing or seeing, are just so strange and different now.

Here are the…

Stop asking me what I did during the pandemic

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Are you sick of toxic positivity? Join the club, my friend. I swear to God that if someone says any of those phrases to me one more time, I will lose it.

“The pandemic is a blessing” or “The pandemic is the best time to reinvent yourself. Learn a new skill, get fit, change your life! You can do this".

Oh, please, take a walk (and do not come back).

Living a pandemic has been hard for every single person on this planet. You either struggle to find a job or keep the one you have. The mental exhaustion is…

When only “Om” is not enough

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I know the deal. As a perfectionist, you spend most of your time doing everything correctly. You try to be as productive as you can. You may even skip social events or leisure activities to have everything done on time. Maybe you procrastinate once every couple of weeks, but not without chastising yourself later.

Are you also continually thinking about your unfinished duties, upcoming tasks, and deadlines? Are you overthinking a task so much that you can’t do it properly? Or maybe you can’t do anything at all?

I feel you, my friend, and I want to help. In this…

Set clear expectations and jump in!

Photo by Christine Donaldson on Unsplash

As a south American woman, I am passionate. Even though I have always lied to myself, saying, “love is overestimated,” I have always found myself jumping from one relationship to another, seeking love (and failing miserably).

I moved to Canada to finish my Ph.D., and that was my only goal. People back home kept saying, “You will find your prince charming up North and never come back.” As a nerd, I always answered that I wouldn’t have time to meet someone or dedicate myself to a relationship. …

A quote usually used in movies/series that makes total sense

South Baymouth Ferry — Ontario/Canada| Uploaded by the author

Seven days ago I came back to Brazil, which I love with all my heart. Even though my homeland has so much to offer, I admit that I miss many things about living in Canada.

Have you ever watched a movie and the character said, “Let’s give up everything and move to Canada”? Well, that is what I have been willing for the past week.

The list I made below shows why I am applying for permanent residency in this country. And I am not alone! …

How to maintain your mental health and survive the chaos

Photo: Matt Ragland/Unsplash

As you may know, being a Ph.D. student itself is not an easy task. But if you are an international post-graduate student, you have even more on your plate.

Beyond all the academic stress, add the sadness of being away from home and everything/ everyone you love. There is also the struggle to communicate in a second language and learn the rules and the culture of a different country. Not enough? Add a pandemic to your list.

As a Brazilian Ph.D. candidate, I spent 15 months in Canada to perform my research. Many things scared me before I left my…

The loving words from an angry heart

Photo by Luke Southern on Unsplash

My parents were happily married for 25 years. My father’s business bankrupted, and for a couple of years, they continued living like nothing ever happened. But then, the arguments started.

My dad was always complaining about my mom’s job and how little money she made. She felt disrespected and treated him with irony and anger. A lot of yelling happened for some years until everything became silent.

To make a long story short, they lived in the same house for five years without talking to each other. My mom slept on the couch…

Sophie Jones

Ph.D. and so what? Half of me is science, brain, articles, and reason. The other half is art, heart, therapy, and emotion.

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